CAREER Coaching

Why do we need it?

It’s no secret that the job market and career progression ladder is pretty tough. We are in a world where being seen to be busy brings acclaim and commendations and potentially can be considered to be a sign of success! This feeling can engulf our sense of where we are and how we progress. It can seem as though we’re on a never ending cycle of predictability and that we shouldn’t create risk in considering a career change. We can feel unfulfilled and unhappy.

Does being busy equal being happy? Shouldn’t you be happy that you have a job and a career when others don’t? Being consistently unhappy in the place that you spend most of your life can impact on your mental and emotional health, on your relationships, social life and physical health. Recognising this early and actively feeling empowered to bring about change is of considerable benefit.

If you’re feeling as though something is missing, you’re unsatisfied and simply want guidance on how to proceed then career coaching is an advantageous option for you.

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a process by which you can establish goals and receive guidance and support in your decision making around career change or career development. As a coach I will offer you the time and space to talk about how you’re feeling, understand your current circumstances, aims and objectives, and work with you to develop aims and goals based on what you want to achieve. I will take into account the skills you may need and how you wish to develop. My coaching style is based on my experience in the clinical and managerial field and is underpinned by systemic practice, solution focused intervention and the understanding of cognitive patterns of behaviour. My aim is to set you on a more fulfilling working life and maintain your independent decision making throughout the process.

As a successful experienced clinician in the mental health field, I have significant experience in the challenges that progressing through a career can bring. I have made the transition from clinician to manager within the NHS and Community Interest Company environment and bring that experience to career coaching, including substantial experience of managing and mentoring people through significant change in their professional life.

How can I help?

Career coaching is a bespoke process based on what you are experiencing and what you want to achieve. What you take away from it is owned by you. There are many ways that career coaching can benefit you and that is also dependent on why you are seeking help.

Some of the reasons people contact me for career coaching are:

  • improving career progression within a current organisation
  • understanding their career and exploring options
  • identifying and overcoming potential obstacles
  • learning to utilise skills and experiences
  • support in changing career paths
  • overcoming the feeling of being ‘stuck’.
  • formulating a set of attainable goals and a plan of action
  • rebalancing work and home life and managing personal priorities
  • returning to work after long-term leave or sickness
  • returning to work after a career break, pregnancy or early retirement.
  • They may be a school, college or university leaver and feel that support in gaining a sense of direction is beneficial, or finding that as a university graduate the course studied is not the career they want to pursue (also see Youth Coaching and Young Adult Coaching information)

You may know what you want to do but have no idea how to get there. I hear all too often that it can seem as though the only way to secure a job that we love, is through years of experience, training and education. Sometimes the only thing holding us back is our own self-doubt.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance

(Alan W Watts)

What to Expect

As a career coach I won’t tell you what to do. We will work collaboratively to understand how you feel, what you want and I will support you in attaining your goals. I am both professionally and personally an active listener. In listening to you and understanding your current situation I can help determine the goals you want to set yourself, support you in defining how you want to achieve them and help process the feelings you have about the potential transition.

Your coaching sessions will totally depend on what you bring to them; your situation, feelings, wants and needs. We can too often forget about the influence our lives have on our work, and vice versa. It is important that I understand what’s happening in your life so that I can support you in how to manage particular stressors. There may be something bigger happening that is influencing how you feel. It may be that actually, there’s nothing wrong with your job, instead, it’s your home or social life that is impacting your happiness. All of these will be determined and discussed in our initial consultation. The Initial Consultation will be an hour and half in duration and can either be in my bespoke consultation room based in Aylesbury or via Skype.

Coaching Sessions

After the Initial Consultation the number of coaching sessions offered will be determined by your personal needs and will be discussed towards the end of the initial consultation. The content and direction of your sessions will depend on your situation and what you want to gain from coaching sessions.

During the sessions we will explore your skills and achievements, identifying some which you may not be wholly aware of. We carry more skills than we think, but they are often buried under self-doubt and expectation. As your career coach I will help identify those skills attributes and support you in recognising them.

The sessions will also help to understand what is holding you back and I can investigate with you how to combat those fears and achieve your goals. I can also help you assess your work/life balance and understand whether it is truly work that is causing you unhappiness.

We work for approximately 50 years of our life. Don’t you want to be happy during those 50 years? If you have the chance to explore your career happiness and refocus your career path and life balance shouldn’t you take it?

It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path

(Michael Dell)

Book yourself in for your free 30 minute introductory Skype call. This session will give you a taste of what coaching is like with me - we’ll get to know each other and you can ask all the questions you have about coaching and how I can help you.  






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