Family Coaching

What is it?

Families by their very dynamics are complex systems that are constantly adapting to change. These changes can be as simple as becoming a new family and development of an existing family at different age ranges of children, and more complex changes and disruptions that can occur to due to separation, divorce, and bereavement.

Being a family can be difficult because there are different people living together, regardless of the fact that the emotional connection within a family can be strong and they are people that we care about. The maintenance of happiness within this dynamic can sometimes be hard.
Most families are able to cope and adapt to these changes and transitions confidently within themselves, managing the challenges as they occur. Often families don’t think there is anyone to support them with those changes because they’re not so severe that they require therapy or counselling.

As a family coach I will work with all members of the family to help determine where the problems are, what the impact of family transitions has had on the family and work collectively with you to decide what aims and objectives you want to achieve from the sessions. I will maintain the core values of your family at all times.

As a family coach I use my previous skills and experience in working with complex families in times of traumatic change, to keep the boundaries of the coaching session as rational and solution focused as possible. Whilst emotions can run high in family coaching sessions I am highly skilled and experienced in understanding and managing emotional relationships. I support the family to share their experiences of the challenging transitions it has gone through and help you adapt to that change and move forward in the direction the family sees itself heading.

“I was going through a divorce. That alone is quite painful, especially after being married for a long time. But most painful was being away from my son. He was five and really really confused. No matter how hard you try, you can not find the right words to say. And it was that time I met Helen. Initially I turned to Helen for my son, but soon I realized that I wanted help as well. It was very easy to open up from the beginning and all of a sudden I found the right words to say. I was most amazed with how Helen approached my son. With patient, care and understanding, my son not only found a way to express  himself but he found a really good friend as well. And I did too. Because this is what Helen does. Makes you feel that you talk to an old friend even if you’ve met her the day before. After five years Helen is still a very good friend and I can not thank her enough for her help with me but more importantly with my son.”   Costas K

Family life coaching is not to be confused with family therapy or counselling. Family coaching is designed to provide families with tools and techniques to support itself though change and challenges. It is the assistance through which a family can transform it’s situation and hold accountability for that transformation.

Book yourself in for your free 30 minute introductory Skype call. This session will give you a taste of what coaching is like with me - we’ll get to know each other and you can ask all the questions you have about coaching and how I can help you.  






Transitions Coaching

Transformational life coaching based
around an individuals transitions and challenges

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