An Empowered You!

You CAN have the confidence and emotional resilience to be in control of and own your life the way you want to. You CAN beat anxiety and overwhelm. You CAN recover from grief and loss. You CAN harness the confidence and self esteem you need to manage life’s difficult changes & transitions. You CAN take the V out of ‘victim’ and shift it to being ‘Victorious’ in being you! .

If you’re here you’ve taken a first step and I’m proud of you already! Take the next step and book a FREE discovery consultation call with me. Let me help empower you in being that confident ‘in control’ person you desire to be.

I’m Helen Ferguson 

What do I know about lack of confidence, overwhelming self doubt, completely uncertain of direction in life and how to be in control of it? I used to be her! 

What do I know about becoming an empowered, confident woman who is in control of her life? I became her! 

‘Everyone Needs a Frankie!’

As a young woman I lacked direction, lacked the confidence to know what skills and strengths I had. I was completely uncertain of myself and what I could possibly achieve in life. Life itself felt pretty overwhelming. That was until I met a fabulous, flamboyant, intelligent and vivacious nurse called Frankie. She gave me her time, her mentorship, she listened and encouraged me to identify my strengths and what I had to offer the world, she elevated me to see the confident woman I could become. It was through that friendship and mentorship that I took the first step in my now 21 year professional therapeutic life. In my view ‘Everyone needs a Frankie’! 

Initially training as a Mental Health Nurse, I became completely passionate about supporting people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. I now specialise as a therapist in Attachment Therapy, Trauma & Abuse Recovery, Solution Focused Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Systemic Family Therapy. It seemed natural when I was looking to extend my skills beyond specialist mental health and therapeutic expertise, to train as a Life and Emotional Empowerment Coach. Frankie and my experience of having her help and support me has always stayed with me and I consider myself a Frankie to all the people I work with.

My mission and passion is to empower people with the confidence to overcome those challenges in life that cripple self esteem, cause anxiety and overwhelm, shatter confidence and leave the concept of self belief as unattainable. 




During the last 21 years I have worked in complex areas of mental health and emotional wellbeing, a significant element of that has been working with individuals who have suffered abuse; psychological, emotional, physical and sexual. I have brought this skill and experience into my Emotional Empowerment Coaching. I provide a detailed coaching package for you which is malleable to the difficulties you have experienced and how it has affected you. I work by listening with my heart ears and then empowering you to understand your emotional state and elevate you to see where you are and where you want to be. This coaching package is intensive but I am with you every step of the way. I am an expert in holding you. 

I am no stranger to challenge and battling adversity. Initially going to University and finding very quickly a degree in English Literature and Media Studies just really wasn’t for me, I left after 6 months and returned home. I’d ‘failed’.

I didn’t have direction, I had little confidence and self esteem and woefully little self belief. Then I met Frankie. I applied for nurse training and moved to Plymouth, 300 miles from home with no friends there. I had stepped completely out of my comfort zone! University wasn’t easy, everyone else seemed to be uber confident, I didn’t fit in with the ‘in’ crowd and I was studiously quiet. However, I experienced a placement in a mental health service that fit with the passion of what I wanted to do with my training and secured a role there 6 months after qualifying. I remained there until 2011. It was a place where I gained my additional skills, became a confident and skilled therapist, manager, colleague and friend.

I have had to deal with the significant knock to my confidence that having nerve and spine damage due to being in an accident 20 years ago had on me. I have had to manage the loss and grief of important people in my life, and how helpless that can make you feel. I have had the confidence to leave the country I was born in and move from the UK to Greece and then from Greece to France. Learning new skills along the way and making new powerful connections with newly established friends.

With my personal life experience and professional skills, knowledge and therapeutic experience you will know that you’re in safe hands. I’m an expert in holding you and your emotions when they feel uncontainable, I can and will empower you to take control of defining and designing the life you want to live and the person you want to be so you can go from Victim to Victorious!






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