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Adults, Children, Young People & Families. 


  • If you are a parent looking for support for your child or yourself then please do go to my ‘work with me’ menu where you will find my ‘Thriving Families’ Section
  • If you’re an individual seeking help & support then you’ve taken the first brave step in not having emotional distress define who you are and becoming the emotionally empowered, resilient confident person you want to be, who is in control of and leads your life in your own way. Please read on…….

You’re tired of feeling defined by your emotional distress. You have done everything you possibly can in trying to find a way of feeling differently and shedding the weight of emotional distress which you have been carrying. As much and as hard as you have tried it hasn’t been as successful as you had hoped. You are now seeking to set yourself free from the impact of anxiety, overwhelm, grief & loss, life’s difficult & challenging transitions or release yourself from the emotional impact of abuse. You’re wanting to shift from Victim to Victorious in owning your emotional recovery to lead your life your way and not have emotional distress define who you are. With 21 years professional experience in emotional wellbeing, mental health and specialist therapeutic intervention, I am an expert in empowering you to do this. You are not alone, I will hold your hand in doing this and support you every single step of the way. 

Shift the ‘V’ from victim and become Victorious in creating and being in control of your life, your way!

Helen Ferguson

About Me

I am a highly skilled professional with 21 years professional therapeutic experience in mental health and emotional wellbeing. I am passionate about empowering you to gain and build your confidence to take back control of your life. 


  • You CAN have the confidence and emotional resilience to be in control of your own life the way you want to.
  • You CAN beat anxiety & overwhelm.
  • You CAN recover from grief & loss
  • You CAN harness the confidence and self esteem you need in order to manage life’s difficult change’s and transitions.
  • You CAN regain confidence, self esteem and self worth after experiencing abuse.
  • You CAN take the V out of ‘victim’ and shift it to being Victorious in becoming who you want to be and not be defined by emotional distress. 

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls others build windmills

(Chinese Proverb)

What can you expect in my coaching program?

“It’s only when we have the courage to face things as they are, without any self deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events by which the path to success may be recognised”  – I. Ching

Emotional Empowerment & Resilience – Transformation through self-reflection

  • Understanding your emotional state and elevate you to see where you are and where you want to be.
  • Defining your self limiting beliefs and identifying your personal strengths
  • Defining your fears and working through a clear stepped program of how to overcome those fears.
  • Learning how to stop self sabotage
  • Determining and defining your values – creating your plan for values based living & connecting with what’s important to you.
  • Changing your mindset to change your brain – The four ‘R’s of mindset transformation
  • Define how to implement your plan for empowered, values based, confident living.
In developing, building and nurturing your emotional skill you can transform into the best version of yourself you can be.
My mission is to empower you to own your emotional voice, define who you are and want to be, and to develop confidence and self esteem to own and live your life. 





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